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At F.R.E.S.H Studios, we offer a large variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our teachers are professionals within the dance industry and are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential. Our classes are fun and embody F.R.E.S.H principals to connect you in mind body and spirit. Have a look at our classes below to find the one that best fits your needs.

Our Teachers: Classes
Maria Ghoumrassi by Three Blokes Product

Rooted Roots

Maria Da Luz Ghoumrassi

Rekindle your body, mind and spirit through movement and share experiences in a fun, relaxed and safe environment.

Part of a major series of creative dance workshops exploring the theme of womanhood through movement, writing, singing, mark making and drawing. This intimate yet powerful masterclass for women will help you to slow down and reconnect with the pulse of our own heartbeat and the rhythm of our own breath.

Through body awareness, grounding techniques and creative movement, we will search for a deeper connection and acceptance with our bodies, as individuals and our collective roots and cultural heritage.

Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi is a dancer, choreographer and educator working through multidisciplinary techniques from around the world to develop Intercultural Awareness Performance. Maria is the artistic director of DaLuzDance . She has performed in the original cast of The Lion King, Kokuma Dance Theatre, The London College of Fashion, Tate Modern, among others.


E33 Street Dance Workshop

Lauren Anthony

Join professional dancer, choreographer Lauren Anthony for an uplifting, feel-good Street Dance workshop. This class including some street dance foundations and a routine. As well as being taught a routine, there will be room for expression, experimentation and empowerment! Come and let go, feel free, have fun and dance in a community of joyful beings.

Suitable for 14 yrs plus and some dance experience would be beneficial.

Graham edit 500.jpg

Jammin with G1


A nostalgic 90s street dance class packed with fun and laughter for all the family - learn the candy dance, running man, soul train line, kid n play dance, we will do it all so don’t miss out on this family style Jam!

G1 really knows how to get the dance floor moving! He is a natural entertainer and motivator as he always brings people together with his positive infectious energy. G1's class focuses on the core principles of hip hop culture, love, peace and unity. G1 wants to use dance to heal some of the wounds in our community by bringing us together and have fun while we are doing it.

Mira Open Floor edit.jpg

Open Floor


From a fun, sweaty dance to soul-searching... Everything is possible, everyone is welcome on the Open Floor!

As part of the F.R.E.S.H Dance Masterclasses, Teacher and Dance Movement Psychotherapist Mira Schauble will explore Dance, Movement, Embodiment, Self-Expression, Connection and Free Movement through an Open Floor Dance Masterclass.

Open Floor Dance is a mindful movement practice. It's a meditation on the go, with great music and a teacher to guide you through it.

Rather than learning steps of routines, we explore how our thoughts, feelings and sensations moved us and shape our experience of life. As you build your self-awareness through movement you gain insights and explore tools to support your day-to-day.

Classes are for everyone, regardless of fitness, ability, size or age. Wear comfortable clothing and bring water!

WAF image cropped.jpg

Every Soul Ballet and Contemporary Dance Classes for Young People

Ballet Soul

Ballet Soul believes every dancer has their own spirit of the movement. This class will use ballet and contemporary techniques and teach choreography which will be expressed differently by each individual dancer. 
Ballet Soul’s work is concerned with the potential of the human body – exploring the human soul and the body’s capacity for deep physicality and how the body conveys emotion.
Ballet Soul’s influence in style comes from placing Africanist movement values on the classical ballet and traditional dance vocabularies. Contemporary styles are also merged with traditional African storytelling.

Olissa vero1 edit.jpg

AfroHouse Grooves

Olissa Francisco - ODance 

Join us for an uplifting and dynamic AfroHouse dance workshop exploring movement from South Africa, West Africa, Brazil, Cuba, and beyond - combined with House. Expect sweat, smiles, and serious beats as we create collective dance floor fire!  

The session will centre around technique, stamina, and your own groove. Be ready to get high, low, and to handle that biz!  The movements focus on power, celebration, and community, carried by the deepest sounds of AfroHouse.

Olissa has studied and performed with Irineu Nogueira, and trained with Ronald Brown, Mohammed Dordoh, Youssouf Koumbassa, Danza Contemporánea de Cuba, and a variety of other incredible masters and schools of movement.

Olissa applies her technical foundation to Afrofusion, AfroHouse, and Technical Freestyle! Olissa’s infectious energy comes from meaningful connections, diverse travel, and that drum! 

Class level: Open.


Popping and Mindfulness

Robert Hylton

Popping & Mindfulness, with choreographer Robert Hylton 

The class explores social and hip hop dances to the foundations of popping and routines leading towards creative exercises for individual and group participation into improvisation and freestyle.

To promote confidence in performance, hip hops original community ethos, personal and physical awareness through a mindfulness-based approach to dance and group experience.  

Robert Hylton is a London based international choreographer, director, movement coach and director, performer and teacher, touring, nationally and internationally since 1999. 

Commercial Clients includes Channel 4, ABC Australia Council for the Arts, Louis Vuitton, Selfridges, IKEA, NesCafe, Florette, Footlocker, McDonald’s, All-Bran, LVQR, Tetley Tea, Ricore, Lazaride’s Gallery.

ardian-lumi-364255-unsplash edit.jpg

Latin Dance Experience

City Salsa - Pia Rauhalinna

Latin dance is fun, joyful and sensual. It has the ability to connect you to yourself and others and to bring a sense of celebration and lightness to the present moment that can easily translate to everyday life.  

In this free taster workshop we will explore Latin dance as a relational dance, dancing alone, dancing with a partner and dancing as part of a group. 


Get into your body and learn simple steps that will give you the confidence to explore moving to the music and finding your own individual expression. 

Learn the beautiful language of partner dance and the dynamics of communicating and creating a dance with another.

Enjoy the camaraderie and fun of group dancing. 

Tavaziva Pro Class Photo Credit Alfred G

Contemporary Dance Masterclasses with Tavaziva


Led by one of Tavaziva’s dancers, learn the company’s unique style that synthesises ballet, contemporary, and African dance. Tavaziva is a professional touring dance company and an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation.

Drums MC.jpeg

AfroHouse with Milo Santos

Drums Radio

Drums Radio the U.K's No.1 AfroHouse radio station, present an AfroHouse masterclass and freestyle party featuring international teacher Milo Santos. Milo Santos is part of a duo called 'Milo & Fabio’ & together they have founded the #AHUK (Afrohouse UK). They aim to promote AfroHouse style of dance in the UK and internationally.

Milo has made a special appearance on stage with artists such as Kojo Funds from the UK, Neru Americano, C4 Pedro from Angola &  many others. 

AfroHouse dance is an energetic dance style rooted in the traditional dances across the African continent. Alongside the AfroHouse music scene, this dance style is on the rise across the world.

We draw on the fast-growing urban dance scene from the Southern regions of Angola and South Africa. Where the fancy footwork and the effortless swag, incorporate elements of Kwaito, Azonto, Pantsulu & Kudro, dance styles.

With a live Afro-house DJ accompanist, expect to enjoy a mixed dance style that is tribal, soulful, and freeing in energy & vibration. These classes have something for everyone, so early booking is a must!

scottish dance edit 500.jpg

Families in London Dance Scottish

Royal Scottish Dance Society

Classes for families and enjoy dancing from ceilidh dances to simple Scottish Country dances. 

Flagz dance 500.jpg

Flagz Carnival Workshop and Reveal!

Flagz Mas Band

Join carnival award-winning Flagz Mas Band for a family Caribbean dance.

Have fun learning some of the dances of Carnival and the Caribbean. If you enjoy dancing and listening to Soca, Calypso, Dancehall and Reggae this workshop is for you.

Also, find out more about how you can join the Mas Band on the road.

Yuri&Kate 680.jpg

Argentine Tango


The Argentine Tango Dance workshop is a fascinating and magical social dance based on improvisation and communication with your dancing partner. There are no routines, it's not about learning choreography and kicking in the air, but about using a 'language' to connect with another fellow human and express the beautiful tango music with movement.
Yuri and Kate of Meta Fierro Tango will guide you through the basics and share with you many aspects of this dance.

patricia-palma-984528-unsplash vbe 500.j

Vibe Up

Natasha Sackey

Raise your vibration with a free movement and dance exploration; dance, play, sweat and connect on the dance floor.

Facilitated by Natasha Sackey, this is a space to freely move your body, explore your own rhythms, express yourself and release to the vibes of the music.

If you have any additional questions about our classes, get in touch and one of our staff members will gladly assist you.

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