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Latin Dance Experience

City Salsa - Pia Rauhalinna

Latin dance is fun, joyful and sensual. It has the ability to connect you to yourself and others and to bring a sense of celebration and lightness to the present moment that can easily translate to everyday life.  

In this free taster workshop we will explore Latin dance as a relational dance, dancing alone, dancing with a partner and dancing as part of a group. 


Get into your body and learn simple steps that will give you the confidence to explore moving to the music and finding your own individual expression. 

Learn the beautiful language of partner dance and the dynamics of communicating and creating dance with another.

Enjoy the camaraderie and fun of group dancing. 

No previous experience is necessary 

No partner needed

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that do not have a lot of grip (no running trainers) 

Cost: Free

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Latin Dance Experience: Service
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