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Open Floor


From a fun, sweaty dance to soul-searching... Everything is possible, everyone is welcome on the Open Floor!

As part of the F.R.E.S.H Dance Masterclasses, Teacher and Dance Movement Psychotherapist Mira Schauble will explore Dance, Movement, Embodiment, Self-Expression, Connection and Free Movement through an Open Floor Dance Masterclass.

Open Floor Dance is a mindful movement practice. It's a meditation on the go, with great music and a teacher to guide you through it.

Rather than learning steps of routines, we explore how our thoughts, feelings and sensations moved us and shape our experience of life. As you build your self-awareness through movement you gain insights and explore tools to support your day-to-day.

Supported by F.R.E.S.H studios and Wandsworth Arts Fringe through Wandsworth Grant Fund.

Classes are for everyone, regardless of fitness, ability, size or age. Wear comfortable clothing and bring water!


4 May, 8.00pm — 10.00pm

Tickets: £13.00
Concessions: £5.00

Open Floor: Service
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