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Maria Ghoumrassi by Three Blokes Product

Rooted Roots

Maria Da Luz Ghoumrassi

Rekindle your body, mind and spirit through movement and share experiences in a fun, relaxed and safe environment.

Part of a major series of creative dance workshops exploring the theme of womanhood through movement, writing, singing, mark making and drawing. This intimate yet powerful masterclass for women will help you to slow down and reconnect with the pulse of our own heartbeat and the rhythm of our own breath.

Through body awareness, grounding techniques and creative movement, we will search for a deeper connection and acceptance with our bodies, as individuals and our collective roots and cultural heritage.

Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi is a dancer, choreographer and educator working through multidisciplinary techniques from around the world to develop Intercultural Awareness Performance. She is British, born in Portugal, of Cape Verdean descent. Cape Verde, a volcanic archipelago off the northwest coast of Africa, is a former Portuguese colony where European and African traditions meet, people co-exist with the beautiful, but harsh landscape. She grew up singing and dancing the traditional Cape Verdean Morna, as well, as the Portuguese Fado, both musical forms intrinsically and emotionally connected. She now lives and creates work in London. 

Maria is the artistic director of DaLuzDance and has presented numerous works in various venues. She has performed in the original cast of The Lion King, Kokuma Dance Theatre, The London College of Fashion, Tate Modern, among others. She continues to find joy and inspiration through professional development and collaborations with various multidisciplinary artists (Jacky Lansley, Peta Lily, Sharon Ama Wray, Urban Bush Women, Draw to Perform and many more.
Maria da Luz offers classes to encourage creativity, working with groups from parents and toddlers to seniors and everything in between, transitioning work between community groups and professionals. Her research into the relationship between body, mind, spirit and identityhas led to the development of her solo A Tree Without Leaves, a dance piece examining the meaning of womanhood in contemporary society, using movement, drawing, singing and storytelling.

The concept behind the work is born as a response to a Chad proverb: ‘A Tree Without Leaves is like a Woman Without Children’.

Dancers of all levels are welcome.

£8/£5 concessions (20 places only)

Bear feet and comfortable clothes are essential.

Supported by Wandsworth Arts Fringe through Wandsworth Grant Fund.

Fresh Ground London: 4 May, 10.00am — 12.00pm
Tickets: £7.00
Concessions: £5.00

Photo Credits : Three Blokes Productions

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