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Robert Hylton

Popping and Mindfulness

Robert Hylton

Popping & Mindfulness, with choreographer Robert Hylton 

The class explores social and hip hop dances to the foundations of popping and routines leading towards creative exercises for individual and group participation into improvisation and freestyle.

To promote confidence in performance, hip hops original community ethos, personal and physical awareness through a mindfulness-based approach to dance and group experience.  

Robert Hylton is a London based international choreographer, director, movement coach and director, performer and teacher, touring, nationally and internationally since 1999. 

Commercial Clients includes Channel 4, ABC Australia Council for the Arts, Louis Vuitton, Selfridges, IKEA, NesCafe, Florette, Footlocker, McDonald’s, All-Bran, LVQR, Tetley Tea, Ricore, Lazaride’s Gallery.

Book early to avoid disappointment, this class is a must!!

Open to all levels. Age 10+  

£5/£3  Booking required!

Popping and Mindfulness: Classes
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