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Vibe Up

Natasha Sackey

Raise your vibration with a free movement and dance exploration; dance, play, sweat and connect on the dance floor. Facilitated by Natasha Sackey, this is a space to freely move your body, explore your own rhythms, express yourself and release to the vibes of the music.

Natasha Sackey MA RDMP is a creative facilitator/ producer and a registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Teacher.  The objective of Natasha’s work is to help people shift perspective, and elevate themselves to their best possible state of wellbeing. 

Fundamental to Natasha Sackey’s approach is the understanding that dance, movement & creativity stimulates the body, mind and soul. 

16+ No experience needed.

Supported by Wandsworth Arts Fringe through Wandsworth Grant Fund.

Fresh Ground London: 11 May, 8.30pm — 9.30pm

Free, booking required

Vibe Up: Service
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